What do YOU want to see from a paintball field in the UAE

Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by Ty, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    Today I am posting this to gather community perspective on what they would like to see from a paintball field in the UAE.

    Lower prices?
    Better Facilities?
    Adequate staffing?

    Let me know, I guess all fields in the UAE can take something from this post, so go for it.
  2. Bananaman

    Bananaman Member

  3. wajd

    wajd Moderator

    A Field with bunkers and ability to buy paint at competitive prices. Oh yes, a compressor that fills to 4500 psi :D
    Thats really what we need for paintball, everything else is secondary
    if you can also sell markers at the field that would be great, for 1 you need to go to sharjah paintball and 2 buy a marker for +7000K!!!!
  4. Will

    Will Member

    Price was always my barrier, and if you can do it cheaply I reckon the community will grow
  5. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    When it comes to markers people don't really know or understand the full situation, to get clearance to import markers on a large scale is a HUGE deal, and anyone who says it's not doesn't know what they are talking about.
    There is significant amounts of approval thats need to be given from the Police, Ministry of Interior and other security services, what a lot of them say is that it's no problem, but these markers can't enter the public domain, this will hopefully change in the near future.

    @Will Price is no longer a problem, we're far from the days of 800-1200 aed a case. I believe Sharjah sells paint for 250-350 AED
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  6. corrado ravanello

    corrado ravanello New Member

    I think the round price is the main factor, i saw the sharjah outdoor paintball park field and i think is very nice :D

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