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Discussion in 'MilSim and Rec Ball' started by leighwilmot, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. leighwilmot

    leighwilmot Member Staff Member

    Welcome all


    Please drop us a line and tell us who you are...
  2. leighwilmot

    leighwilmot Member Staff Member

    I will start off ...

    Im Leigh Wilmot, South African living in Al Ain. I have been here for about 8 years now. Far from a paintball expert but love the game. Have played WCA 2012, INPL 2012 with Rampage. Even won a tournament @ Sharjah with Little Boys, Big Toys..
    Hope to see you all on the field soon
  3. omar galeal

    omar galeal Member

    Hey all
    I am Omar Galea from Malta currently in Abu Dhabi. Been here 3 1/2 years now. Haven't played much paintball in the UAE as have not found a scenario team, I tried speed ball but it not my piece of cake. I played paintball and created my own team back home called Kaos Malta. We where sponsored by Tippmann for two years. I have a lot of gaming time playing around Europe. Participated in a few Tippmann Challenges and was also one time Leader for one of the Factions taking the team to a Win, also played in a few Call of Duty where we had no ref's and was very close combat, point blank shooting! I am looking forward to playing with you guys soon!!
  4. leighwilmot

    leighwilmot Member Staff Member

    Welcome Omar,
    We will be posting up the games very soon.
  5. Sy.

    Sy. Member

    Welcome welcome Omar ........
    Leigh .... i know you . :)
  6. Big Al

    Big Al New Member

    Hi All.
    My name is Alan I'm 36 from the UK.
    Prior to coming to dubai 4 years ago I played sporadically with a team called SPC now amalgamated as team tippmann.
    I played various events up and down the country for a number of years and attended oklahoma d-day in 2008.
    Weapon of choice was a MP5SD A5 tippmann.
    Looking to get back into the fray. Is there anyone or are there any teams currently playing milsim regularly in dubai/uae?
  7. leafman85

    leafman85 New Member

    stumbled across the website after also stumbling across this milsim group a month back.
    so there is a group but unless u want to deal with headstrong ballbags 10x worst than u find on p8ntballer u are not going to have a good time. not 2 mention if u have served you won't want to meet one of those guys there as he will piss u off as he hasn't served but acts like he has.

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