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Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by kragaxe, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. kragaxe

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    There's a strong possibility I'll be moving to SA by the Fall. I love paintball and was hoping there were fields over here. I've been over to Muscat and Abu Dhabi and saw that they had facilities there, but I couldn't find anything on SA until I found this site. I'll be down at the Saudi Aramco compound in Dhahran. Anything near there? Looks like it'll be a big change from the woodsball of Texas!

    Will I have problems getting my gear through customs? I have a customized alpha black elite, but could easily break it down to components and pack it with the "kitchenware". :)
  2. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    Hey man,
    glad you were able to find our site.

    There is a paintball field at 'Sunset Beach Resort' in Al Khobar, typical recball field.
    I don't think you will find too many hardcore paintball enthusiasts, however I do know stealth lives in that part of the country, maybe you could link up with him?
  3. kragaxe

    kragaxe New Member

    I ran across the sunset beach one, but wasn't sure if it still existed. I figured out of 20,000+ expats in the Dhahran Aramco compound, surely there's a few paintball people!

    There's a whole lot of negotiating to be done, but I'm hoping to be over there permanently around September. If not, I'll probably end up down in Muscat, Oman.

    Any issues with ownership or traveling with the military-looking markers? I have an Alpha Black Elite I've customized as well as an A5. I'd hate to have them snatched at a checkpoint somewhere.
  4. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    I just looked up that compound, it is huge!
    There was a compound with a field in it, but it's long gone to my knowledge.

    I can't comment on the laws/restrictions of the kingdom when it comes to travelling in and out with paintball equipment, but there is a common trend that all countries in the MENA region have an issue when it comes to realistic and milsim equipment. 
    If you're shipping your possessions over, what you said in the first post is your best bet.

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