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Discussion in 'Team Talk' started by K.O, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. K.O

    K.O New Member

    hey guys

    Im looking for a team.

    position: back

    with gear

    play for a year or 2 with DPC (don't remember exactly)

    and i use to play for DLRT

    please pm me if u have any question or you are interested
  2. Will

    Will Member

    Hmmm... What's the future for DLRT?
  3. K.O

    K.O New Member

    there is no team called DLRT any more !
  4. anathane

    anathane Member

    Really? Why not?
  5. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    post in right section next time pl0x.
  6. NrG

    NrG New Member

    We'll take a take....
  7. K.O

    K.O New Member

    sure Ty,

    well , its to complicated that even I don't know why we broke up !
  8. sadokster

    sadokster New Member

  9. Will

    Will Member

    QUOTE (sadokster)
    not worth to drop even one tear

    :eek: Surely they're worth one tear?
  10. nikah

    nikah Moderator Staff Member

    na those fags suck!

    ARSENIC Member

    Just wanted to say in the true DLRT fashion LOVE YOU GUYS and Miss yall
  12. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    hahaha whats good Eric, where are you?

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