Enough gear to start a team, take it all!

Discussion in 'Sell' started by Ty, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    All of this is for sale in one package for an awesome price, it comes WITH the gear bag.
    There is some other random stuff not pictured/listed that is included such as Dye shorts and barrel swabs, etc.

    Everything is sold as it is seen in the photo's unless stated otherwise.

    Price: 4000 AED




    Dye DM12
    PROTO RAIL (you can see the body in the picture, I will attach the grip frame and all that before selling.
    DYE NT (this is a prototype and 1 of a kind, It is NOT included but can be for an additional price)

    HK Army - Large
    Dye (black]) - Medium
    Dyecam - Medium
    Dye (black/blue) - Medium/Large
    Dye Proline (grey/red) NOT PICTURED - Medium/Large

    Style Supply 'Macdev Ronin' - XXL
    Dyecam - Large
    Dye black/green/grey - Large/XL
    Dye (black) - Medium
    Dye (black/red) - XL
    Dye (black/green/grey) - Large
    Dye (grey/white) - XL
    DYNAMIX (South African Pro Team) - Large/XL
    Russian Legion Pro Team Empire - XL
    Dye Proline (black/grey) NOT PICTURED - Medium/Large

    Masks & Hoppers
    Dye i4 (black)
    Dye i4 (black/green)
    Dye i4 (blue)
    Dye i4 (dyecam)
    Dye Rotor (black/blue)
    Dye Rotor (Dyecam)
    Valken V-MAX
    Extra Dye rotor shell top (red)
    Two new i4 Lenses

    Proto Bounce Vest
    Dye marker tech matt
    HK army Beanie Grey
    HK army Beanie purple
    Chargers headband
    Sandana 'coyote' headwrap (only 100 of these made)
    Datis Headband
    Ironmen sweatband
    2x Dye Headband
    Sandana x-bones
    Dye Slider Shorts
    2x Dye Kneepads
    2x Dye Armpads
    Empire Armpads (these are beat up)
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  2. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    price drop.
  3. Disabled Hitman

    Disabled Hitman Moderator Staff Member

    4k for everything!! what even hahah
  4. Kayed

    Kayed Moderator

    I am seriously considering buying this even though I will only be back in 3 years. The 4 markers alone are worth more than 4000.
    You get almost all the gear needed to start a 3 man team. For 4000 thats a steal.
  5. Reuben J

    Reuben J New Member

    Is this still available ???
  6. Barry

    Barry Member

    Interested in the Dye DM12 and the Dye i4 (dyecam)
  7. Ty

    Ty Decay Staff Member Premium

    I've moved to South America for a while, hit up @Jeremy@DYE he has most of this now.

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