Airsoft guns in Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Cyberlord99, May 25, 2013.

  1. Ty

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    It will be confiscated and you will potentially have a criminal case opened up against you.
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  2. Hero

    Hero Member

    hi there!
    we, in the airsoft community here in UAE, highly discourage anybody to buy AEGs online or even bring it in UAE. if i may suggest, it is better you visit us during skirmish. we play on Fridays mornings. we used to have russian teams back in the days. :)
  3. Zhivago

    Zhivago New Member

    Hi Hero, where do you play, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi? And what time on fridays do you usually start?
  4. Hero

    Hero Member

    we usually play in Sharjah every Friday morning starting from around 7:30am. we have also a team from Abu Dhabi, they play every Friday in Abu Dhabi. they come to Sharjah when there are events.
  5. Zhivago

    Zhivago New Member

    Thank you for the info, Hero. Can you give me contacts of somebody from the Abu Dhabi team, because it is closer to me than Sharjah. Thanks!
  6. Hero

    Hero Member

    Zhivago, kindly check your inbox
  7. corrado ravanello

    corrado ravanello New Member

    Any team playing airsoft ? I started last week with paintball with my son and being an old airsoft passionate i was wondering if there are social team to get in contact with

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