10 Tried and Tested Paintballing Tactics that New Players Need to Know

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    10 Tried and Tested Paintballing Tactics that New Players Need to Know

    Putting on those distinctive camouflage overalls and face mask for your very first game of paintball is a unique experience that will stay in your mind forever.

    Whether you’re about to engage in a paintball tussle with your work colleagues, for a stag do, or a battle for a birthday party, paintballing combines adrenaline and camaraderie like little else can.

    But beginners can soon find themselves shot out in the first few minutes when playing against paintball veterans. To even the odds, we’ve written a list of 10 paintball tips that will help you to become battle-hardened in next to no time.

    1. Do make a plan before the game begins
    The very first thing your team should do is appoint a team captain. By having someone co-ordinate your team and allocate different players to different positions on the field, you can immediately transform a collection of newbies into a much more effective unit.

    Communication during the actual game is just as important. Knowledge of the enemy team’s position is a useful advantage to have, so if you see someone, share it with the team rather than keeping it to yourself. It’s also a good idea to tell your teammates before you are about to make that Rambo rush for a key objective so that they can lay down some covering fire.

    Don’t shout your plan so loudly that your opposition can hear though, unless you want to get yourself covered in paint.

    2. Paintballers don’t live for ever
    It’s easy to spot a player who has never played paintball before: they are usually the one hiding deep in a bush at least 500 metres away from the action.

    But while trying to avoid getting hit by a paintball at all costs might seem like a sensible decision to a first-timer, it’s actually based on faulty logic.

    The best way to not get hit by a paintball is to hit your opponents before they can hit you back.

    If you hide in a bush all game, there’s a good chance that your team will lose because they have one less player, and you’ll eventually be hit by multiple paintballs when your suddenly-not-so-helpful bush is surrounded.

    3. Remember to keep your mask on at all times in live paintball zones
    It might seem like a simple rule, but the amount of new (and not so new) players that forget this rule can boggle the mind sometimes.

    Paintballing is, contrary to popular belief, a sport with an exceptionally low injury rate. Keep it that way by avoiding making stupid mistakes.

    4. Know your paintball marker and you will win a hundred battles
    Do you know exactly how far a hundred feet is? Unless you are a professional paintball player or a savant, the answer is probably no.

    But a hundred feet is the average effective range of a paintball marker, so having some idea what this looks like is a piece of information that is very useful to have in the middle of a game. If you shoot at players that are much further than this distance away, not only have you wasted some of your paint, but you’ve also given away your position - a mistake which could prove fatal to your chances of victory.

    Instead, try firing your new paintball marker into the distance before the game begins, and try to keep your range in mind before taking a shot.

    5. Before you can tag your opponent, you’re going to have to spot your opponent
    There’s a reason why paintball players tend to wear camouflage rather than salmon pink swimwear.

    Being able to get into a strategic position unseen is often the key to victory in a paintball game.

    This is another reason why our first-time player hiding in a bush isn’t doing himself any favours - from deep in cover it can be difficult to spot advancing enemy players. The best tactic is to survey the field quickly and carefully to identify enemy movements and strategic positions. But don’t stick your head out for two long! If you expose your body for more than three seconds, as a general rule, you don’t have any grounds for complaint if you find yourself covered in paint.

    6. Don’t make yourself a target
    The more of your body you expose, the more likely it is that a sharpshooter will be able to tag you. If you watch any footage of professional paintballers in action, one of the first things you’ll notice is how good they are at making themselves as small as possible when in cover. In fact, watching some professional games is an excellent way to prepare yourself for your first match - but save the swan dives for your second game maybe.

    7. Don’t call yourself ‘dead’ too soon
    Not all new players know that being hit by a paintball doesn’t mean that you are out of the game. In most paintball venues, the paintball has to hit you and then break, covering you in paint, for you to be out of the game.

    If you feel a hit, but don’t see any paint, don’t call yourself out too soon. Ask a referee to check you for paint. If they don’t find anything, then you’ll be able to continue in the game and help your team move on to victory!

    8. Do keep your eyes on the prize
    While normally a game of paintball is won by tagging every single one of the other team, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a game might have different victory conditions, such as defending a zone from attack, capturing a flag, or moving a ‘bomb’ to a key position.

    While there’s undoubtedly something very satisfying about taking out multiple members of the other team, consider your victory conditions before doing so. Only take an action if it brings your team closer to winning, and remember that some games are won by stealth rather than marksmanship.

    9. If you’re going to move, move quickly!
    Movement is key in paintball. Some positions on the field, such as bunkers or towers, are much better than others, and give the team that controls them an excellent chance at victory. If there is one of these strategic positions midway between you and your opponents, getting there first can be the difference between victory and defeat.

    10. Above all else, do what you’ve got to do to have a good time
    While playing paintball is fun, and winning paintball is even more fun, don’t allow a competitive streak to prevent you from playing fairly and with good sportsmanship.

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    For the most part these are extremely good tips I think, definitely good for a beginner on the recball field.
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    well they start as recballers by the time they make the switch to speedballing they suppose to know most of this..
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    This is very sound advice. Thank you for sharing!

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