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Thank you for more than 10 years of discussion and memories

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As of the 14th of August, 2016, we have officially closed our website.

mepaintball.com was an online forum that served the Middle Eastern Paintball community for more than a decade, it started out as a small discussion board for a group of friends in Dubai and quickly expanded to be the number one online hub for any information regarding paintball in and around the Middle East. 

It is with great sadness that today I admit defeat, for longer than this website has existed myself, the greater paintball industry and individuals have all attempted to work with paintball fields in the UAE to promote and grow paintball as a sport.
During this time we have faced many issues, the root cause of these issues are the fields. 

Fields within the UAE and the Middle East are not owned or opperated by people who understand the sport of paintball, with this we have experienced great distress, from missinformation being passed to those of authority, to intentional sabotage that has hindered growth and development of teams who worked relentlessly to get recognition for their efforts.

Paintball is not only a sport, it is a lifestyle. It's one that I the founder of this website have dedicated my life to; Paintball took me around the globe, it's the reason I've spent more time in airports with my best friends traveling to countries I would never even dreamt of visiting than you can imagine. It allowed me to meet so many different people of such diverse backgrounds that I would never have crossed paths with otherwise, it taught me drive and determination, work ethic, discipline and comradary.

I sincerely thank all the players, the teams, the industry and anyone else who has helped along the way, there is far to many people to name individualy.